Shed Plans Review

My Shed PlansI enjoy construction projects, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find a good resource for building designs and woodworking ideas. After spending years and hundreds of dollars reading through construction magazines, blueprint websites and other information, I came across My Shed Plans.

Here is the My Shed Plans review I’ve written to let you know what I think about the website and whether it’s worth your money. I know how important it is to a project’s success to have good plans, so I’m going to be honest and pretty straightforward.

My Shed Plans is a website created by Ryan Henderson to provide a database of shed plans and woodworking projects. His goal was to create a website where woodworkers like me could get ideas for our next project.

When I first found My Shed Plans, I got a little excited. Trying to find good plans at hardware and craft stores can be a chore. I once spent $75 on plans that looked okay until the time came to actually put my shed together. Due to the confusing layout of the plans, I’d actually built the shed backwards. I felt frustrated that I’d wasted my time and money.

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Selection of PlansShed Example

A big selling point of My Shed Plans is the sheer selection of plans for sheds and other woodworking projects. The site claims it has over 12,000 shed plans and other projects to choose from.

I didn’t go through and count every plan myself, but I was very impressed by what I saw. To test the database, I looked for every type of plan I could think of and found it. It looks like I lost my game of “Stump My Shed Plans”!

The plans I saw were all pretty high quality. I was able to clearly see the measurements I needed without any problem. I imagine the rest of the plans are about the same quality or better.

Benefits to Using a Shed Building System

Another Shed Example

One of the best things I found about My Shed Plans is every plan comes with a complete list of what I needed to complete the project. I’d used other plans that surprised me halfway through construction with a new part or tool I needed to finish the job. Knowing everything beforehand saved me the frustration of finding out halfway through building.

I also thought the amount of information included in the plans was good. As an experienced woodworker, I thought the plans I used had enough detail to let me do a precise and thorough job. Novice enthusiasts could also use these plans, though. Their level of detail isn’t overwhelming, and the steps to completing a job are explained pretty simply.

Overall, my assessment is using My Shed Plans would save time and money when you’re working on a project. You’ll know exactly what you’ll need to finish a job when you start. This lets you shop around to save money on supplies.

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Organised Shed

Most of the problems I had with using My Shed Plans were actually unrelated to the actual plans. We’ve had weird weather this year, so it’s still raining when it should be sunny. Since I’m building a shed in my backyard, I can only do so much when the weather is bad.

This isn’t Ryan Henderson’s fault, but it’s still something to consider. My Shed Plans can’t plan or change the weather, so take that into consideration when you’re thinking about potential projects.

Another problem I encountered was finding a good place to build a shed. Something I didn’t think about before I started my project was how you need a large, level area to build a shed on. I had to take time I hadn’t planned on clearing out an area on my property and then leveling that land. It took a lot more time than I expected, but I suppose this is my own fault for not thinking ahead.

My Shed Plans does make it simple and clear for beginners to complete woodworking projects. However, this system isn’t magic. It takes years of experience to become a master craftsman. Fortunately, this program does come with woodworking courses and instructions to help people grow in their abilities.

If you want a system that suddenly transforms novices into experts, you’re not going to find it here (or anywhere). But if you’re looking for something to help you grow and gain good experience completing projects, My Shed Plans is definitely the way to go.

If any of these problems I’ve mentioned concern you, I’d still say to give the system a try. If you don’t like My Shed Plans, you can simply ask for a refund and you’ll get it, no questions asked. You’ll have 60 days to try out the plans, so give a few projects a try to know for yourself if you want to keep My Shed Plans.

Final Word

In closing this My Shed Plans review, I have to say overall, I was very happy with my purchase of My Shed Plans. Ryan Henderson has done a great job in compiling all of these plans for people like me to access. The price was fair, especially for what I got. I can’t think of anywhere else where I could access so many plans for such a low price.

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